The Story of The GAYDON

The Gaydon was built around 1850 and was originally built as a holiday home for the Mill Owners and their important workers.

The House used to have doorways through to the adjoining property so that the maids and servants could stay in the next property and be close enough to be called upon when needed.

During the Second World War, the house started housing airmen who were based at nearby Warton, there now stands BAE systems which boast the country’s longest runway and you can often see fighter aircraft being tested over the marshland of Lytham out towards Southport.

Approximately seventy years ago the owner of The Gaydon Hotel was a very jolly Scottish gentleman called Donald. Hence the Gaydon (Gay Don ) name which we have kept throughout the years. Keith & Kate took over the Hotel ( B&B) on the 8th of September 2017. Things have changed a lot over the years and we now boast en suites in every room unlike the one bathroom and nine bedrooms that were usual in the past. The one thing that remains constant is the good service and attention to detail that has given The Gaydon such a good reputation that guests who have once found us return again and again and indeed we have seen families who have grown up over the years return with their children.

The Gaydon is also popular with golfers who love to play the nearby four prestigious courses on our doorstep.

We do hope you enjoy your stay.